The History of the Diary of a London Gentleman of Means

london gentleman of means


The history of The Diary of a London Gentleman of Means actually begins in the year 2000.

The diary was  discovered in a lead lined box buried deep in the disturbed earth of a central London building site. When opened the box revealed a selection of leather bound journals in surprisingly good condition.

Upon close examination by experts from the British Museum the books were  found to be (apparently) written by a one, NORBERT PEEEPS who identifies himself as the  ‘London Gentleman of Means’.

Through carbon dating the books were proved to have been written sometime 16th/17th Century. However, the authenticity of Norbert Peeeps himself has come into question for a number of reasons. Mainly the unusual spelling of the surname PEEEPS and the obvious (attempted) similarity of ‘The Diaries of Samuel Pepys.

Popular opinion amongst experts of the literature of the time thinks that Norbert Peeeps is a fiction and more than likely a satire of Samuel Pepys , popular diarist of the 1600’s. However, there are some who dispute this pointing out that it was some years before Pepys became well known amongst the populace and even then the question has to be asked, ‘was he (Pepys) worth a parody?

The diaries of ‘A London Gentleman of Means’ themselves are, at times confusing. Many dates are left out and only days mentioned. Not helpful, leaving in some cases months to be guessed by the reader. Also, because of some leakage through the lead lined box, some pages were smudged. Leading to some words being added through guesswork and forensic examination.

However, the enjoyment of these entries can not be underestimated. A picture of a life lived is vibrant.

I do hope the modern day reader will enjoy Norbert Peeeps and The history of The Diary of a London Gentleman of Means as much as I have.

the diaries of a London gentleman of means